How does it work?
Getting Started with Data and Pixels

How does Insights+ work?

Insights+ uses first, second, and third party data, matches them to a dataset of 300+ million Americans to analyze and predict characteristics that churches care about like spiritual openness and marriages, and provides aggregate results (but no names) to help you learn more about your digital visitors, congregation, and community. Insights+ uses the Gloo Pixel to help you know trends over time about your Online Audiences such as when someone visited your site, how often, and other aggregate information.

What is an online audience? How does the Gloo Pixel Track them?

An online audience is a group of people who visit and engage with your church digitally. For example, this might include people who visit your website once after a simple Google search or church members who frequently watch your online services. To track your online audiences, Insights+ uses something called the Gloo Pixel, which is a piece of code for your website. When someone visits your website, the Gloo Pixel tracks information on your website on the number of visits, which pages are visited, and more in real-time and reports this action to Insights+. Insights+ matches those visits to a dataset of 300+ million Americans, as well as any second party data if you upload your member file, to provide profile information to help you learn more about your online audience.

Does adding the pixel slow the website down? How long does it take to see results?

The Gloo Pixel code is lightweight and should not cause problems with your website’s page load speed. The integration with Gloo’s platform will run after your page has loaded. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure the Gloo Pixel is correctly installed on your website. Once you have the Gloo Pixel placed, it will take about 48 hours for the Pixel to become active and up to one week to start seeing data on your online audiences within your Insights+ dashboard.

Can I use Insights+ to track my visitors on Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Church Online, or Vimeo?

Currently, the Gloo Pixel tracks online visitors for the specific website where it is installed and does not report back or capture data on Facebook LIVE, Youtube LIVE, or Vimeo. However, many churches choose to use their website as the primary “hub” where they share links to their streaming platforms so they can still use Gloo Pixel to gain powerful insights about their website visitors. We’re continually working to improve Insights+ and our team is in the process of pursuing integrations with these platforms (and others!) that would enable organizations to view all their data in one place.

How is this different from MissionInsite?

MissionInsite has done a lot for the church community since its founding. However, since MissionInsite only updates their data every six months, it gets outdated quickly and becomes less useful for church leaders. Insights+ is made to serve the church leader with data updated daily and unique insights showing you information such as motivations, spiritual postures, marriage health and more, along with the ability to activate and act on the data, all within the same platform.

Can Insights+ be used for countries other than the U.S.?

Right now the aggregate results displayed in Insights+ on online audiences, communities, and congregations is based on third party data on 300+ million Americans, sourced by industry-leading data providers. While the Gloo Pixel could be embedded onto any website globally, the information populated will be based on U.S. individuals and therefore will only be useful for church leaders based in the United States.



How will this help me do discipleship better?
Inform Your Ministry With Data and Analytics

How will Insights+ help me do discipleship better?

Insights+ can help you Improve your impact and make strategic decisions with confidence across a wide spectrum of ministry areas, including: leadership and discipleship, program development, sermon planning, marketing, church planting, volunteership, community outreach, and more by providing you with powerful insights that help you know your people so you can serve them better. Especially during a time when leaders have lost visibility into who’s engaging with their church, Insights+ provides you with the clarity you need to effectively serve your digital visitors. Check out some testimonials from other church leaders who have used Insights+ to inform their approach and adapt to the needs of discipleship today.

How can I use Insights+ to get real data about the spiritual health of my congregation?

When you join Gloo, you’re joining over 20,000 church leaders on a trusted platform that powers personal growth worldwide through a full ecosystem of apps. As part of your Gloo subscription, you’ll get access to other people-centered tools and resources that will help you better know and move the people and communities you serve. This includes research-backed assessments and Check-Ins from leading organizations—such as the ChurchPulse by Barna Group—that you can deploy at your church to get a pulse on the spiritual health of your congregation and more.

What kinds of information will I be able to learn with Insights+?

Insights+ will allow you to learn more about the generation mix, family dynamics, finances, behavioral health, education, residence, spiritual openness, motivations, and more of your online visitors, community members, and congregation. To compare your members and visitors in your online audiences, you’ll first need to make sure to install your Gloo Pixel and securely upload your member file. Once data has populated, you’ll be able to view aggregate trends among your members and visitors in Online Audiences. To compare My Community or My People audiences in reports, follow the steps in this article. If you securely upload your member file to create a custom audience of your people, that audience is saved in Insights+ as an Audience Data File under My People and is also saved as the Member File under Online Audiences. If you build a community audience, your audience will be saved in My Community.

Which church staff position would typically use Insights+?

The information you’ll uncover in Insights+ can be used to inform all areas of your ministry. Whether you’re the Executive or Lead Pastor, Associate or Teaching Pastor, Communications and Marketing Director, Community Life Pastor, Youth & Children’s Ministry Director, and more, you can use data to inform any strategic decisions you make on how to lead and serve your people better.

I’m new to using data to inform my ministry, where’s a good place to start?

With your Gloo subscription, you’ll receive a complimentary 1-year Church Fuel membership (valued at $45/month) to help you with the guidance you need to get the most out of Gloo. The full-access membership provides insanely practical content and coaching on the challenges of leading a church including premium online courses, digital resources, templates, data-driven cohorts, and one-on-one coaching. This community of pastors provides you with the space to share ideas and use data and insights to solve real-life ministry challenges.

Can I use Insights+ with any other Gloo products or my church management system?

If you have purchased Church Analytics, you can create an audience in Explore Data that you can then use in Insights+. We are working on additional integrations within the GlooX platform to allow for a seamless way to use apps together within the Gloo personal growth ecosystem.



How do we know this information about people?
Data Partners & Predictive Modeling

How can we know this information about people, whether they are members of my church or visitors?

Your members and online visitors are matched to a dataset of 300+ million Americans to analyze and predict characteristics that churches care about like spiritual openness and marriages. This statistical method of gathering information about people is called predictive modeling. Insights+ uses predictive modeling to identify trends among people with specific characteristics. These trends are then visualized on maps, reports, and more within the Insights+ tool to help you get powerful insights about the people in your church, community, and anyone engaging with you online.

How does Insights+ know information about people’s spirituality, marriages, health, and location?

Predictive modeling surfaces common attributes found in groups of people with known propensities, stressors, or addictions. From there, we can build an algorithm to identify others who exhibit the same attributes—thus identifying those most likely to have the same propensities of addiction, marriage stressors, leadership qualities, or a number of other growth-related struggles or strengths. These are statistical measures. Learn more about how Gloo develops these algorithms.

Where does the data come from?

Gloo helps you use all sorts of data to serve champions catalyze the growth of others, including first party data (data collected directly from a data subject through interactions through Gloo on growth journeys such as where people visited and clicked on your website), second party data (data collected from data subjects by the Champions such as uploading a member file from your church management system, and third party data (in-licensed data collected from data providers). When we in-license third party data, we work with only the most reputable sources, including without limitation, Wunderman, a leader in the data industry for over 30 years. Wunderman has some of the industry’s most precise person-level data that is sourced, stored, and used in ethical and secure ways. We also source additional attitudinal dimensions from Kantar, a leading and trusted consulting partner.

How accurate are the data and the match rates?

First party data gathered by installing the Gloo Pixel on your website is updated daily to help you get the most up-to-date insights on your online audiences as possible. The master data file is updated at least monthly by our industry-leading data partners and exceeds 300 million individuals and thousands of data attributes per individual. Match rates can vary widely, often depending on the quality of your data. Uploaded files that are clean and properly formatted can sometimes see match rates of 60-70%, while files that are improperly formatted and haven't been properly "cleaned" can be as low as 10-20%. Learn more about preparing your file for upload here.

How do you know if the data is correct and can be trusted?

Data quality and accuracy are foundational to the Gloo data products. Gloo uses two primary strategies to ensure ongoing data accuracy. First, we carefully cultivate our third-party data sources by partnering with leading data providers that multi-source data elements and continually refresh that data. Second, we evaluate all our data sources prior to adding or updating them into the Gloo data products—checking the data elements and value distributions to verify accuracy. Learn more about how Gloo validates our models and data.



How do you know this information about my congregation?
Adding Your People

How do you know who my members and visitors are?

By securely uploading a member file of people connected to your organization into Insights+, you can segment your online audiences by members and visitors. This file can usually be exported as a CSV from your Organization's Management System or downloaded as an audience from Church Analytics.

Why should I add a member file to Insights+?

Insights+ uses the data you provide to match your people so you can compare aggregate trends between your members and unknown or potential new visitors. Data shown in Insights+ is aggregate, so the anonymity of individuals is protected. Learn more about how we keep information safe and protect the identity of your congregants.

Who on my staff can use this and have access to the information?

You can invite anyone on your staff to use Insights+ as either an Organization Admin or a Staff Member. Admins can manage the organization’s profile, locations, user accounts, audiences, user roles, and audience outreach. Staff Members can manage audiences and audience outreach. Learn more about managing your users in Gloo’s platform here.



How can I use Insights+ to Analyze Online Audiences

What does it mean to “build an audience?”

Building an audience means to create a saved search in Insights+ using advanced filters to identify groups of people based on common demographics and other characteristics. You can read a list of the audience filters here. Audiences can be built within various geographic boundaries and can be saved for future reference and analysis. You can compare among your online audiences and community audiences, and can even create a custom audience and reports from your people.

How many filters or segments can I use?

That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Keep in mind that the more filters you use, the smaller the audience size gets. To protect the anonymity of individuals, your My Community audience must have a minimum of 500 people. We’re continually adding even more advanced filtering capabilities and segmentation to Insights+ so you can continue to know and understand your people like never before.


Was Insights+ designed to compete with Google Analytics?

Not at all. In fact we’re working to develop an integration to help organizations have a single view of their data. Our goal is to provide organizations access to unique and relevant data analytics to help them interpret the trends and know their online audience in a deeper way, without requiring a dedicated resource to manage it. Insights+ was designed to help church leaders and other personal growth organizations take these advanced technologies and use them for missional purposes—all within a user-friendly interface that provides actionable value in as little as five minutes.



Is this safe? Can we see information about real people?
Privacy and Security

How does Gloo keep information safe?

Gloo operates under the imperative to ethically use technology and data to promote the individual and societal benefits of personal growth. As a technology provider, our architecture, policies and practices anchor in our commitment to stewardship and providing a trusted platform. Read more about our stance on data integrity and privacy.

How will the personal information of my church members and community members be protected?

Insights+ was created with industry-leading data privacy and security practices. For privacy, this includes operating in accordance with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. For security, Gloo operates according to the NIST CSF framework, has completed multiple security audits, and uses a registered AICPA firm for SOC 2 audits. Read more about how we implement privacy by design, our Admin User Privacy Statement, and our Terms of Service.

Can we see individual people online? Or where they live on the map?

No. All data populated in Insights+ is based on aggregate trends of the online visitors and people living in your community. Individual identities and specific locations are always kept anonymous and so your community members stay protected and you stay informed.

Do you show information on people under the age of 18?

No. It is critical that we protect the privacy of minors. None of the data in Insights+ represents anyone under the age of 18.